This full-duplex speakerphone offers maximum ease-of-use for all digital telephone features. A multi-line full dot matrix LCD display supports enhanced features such as Caller ID allowing the simultaneous display of both name and number. Thirty-two (32) large fully illuminated tricolor programmable buttons are provided as well as eleven (11) fixed feature buttons. These buttons support hold, transfer, intercom, microphone muting, hands-free operation, system speed dial, station speed dial, last number redial, ringer volume and handset volume. The set also features a large station status lamp that is visible from 360 degrees. The lamp provides visual indications for message waiting notification, line-ringing visual alert, and headset-in-use alert. The set is housed in reinforced ABS plastic and has a single membrane key mat to help guard against damage from spills and provide years of trouble-free operation.


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400CT 32D

32 Button Speakerphone w/LCD Display



Three-Line LCD Alphanumeric Display
Thirty-two (32) programmable buttons with tricolor LED's
Eleven (11) Fixed-function Feature Keys
Full duplex speakerphone
Headset compatibility
Support of optional analog port adapter
ACD agent position functionality
Station speed dial
Last number redial
Off-hook voice announce
Hearing aid compatible

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